Club for sport and tourism “Machirski”


The club develops long activity in the area of mountain tourism and snow sports. It is one of the leading clubs in Bulgaria for sport and travel activities for children.

The club is focused on training racers for participation in sport competitions of ski, snowboard and sport climbing. The club actively participates in the development and accomplishment of projects of The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sofia Municipality and international projects.


Club main goals are:

  • Conduction and implementation of sport training of teams and athletes of mountain and snow sports for participation of sport events;
  • Promotion of mountain and winter sports amongst people of different age;
  • Carrying out activities, related with promoting the sport and tourism amongst young people;
  • Help out to socially disadvantaged children and young people as providing training without fee or extra charges.


Club for sport and tourism “Machirski” is member of:

  • Bulgarian Ski Federation
  • Bulgarian federation of tourism
  • Bulgarian federation of Climbing and Mountaineering
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