Team building programs

Machirski Sport is offering specially designed programs aiming to improve the working atmosphere in various work teams through team trainings.

Those events are aiming team building, building trust between the participants, developing skills for decision making in a state of uncertainty, opportunity for individual expression. Being in an informal surrounding, every team member is given the opportunity to get to know him/her and others, to demonstrate the qualities, which he/she couldn’t show until now in working environment.

Trainings and team buildings are organized upon request. Conducted outside, most preferable destinations are the mountains Vitosha, Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes.

Tailored for your needs, every program could be organized in one, two, three or more days. Our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of participants, so always take into consideration your age and physical abilities. Successful cooperation with leading companies in the country is the reason to believe that we have found the proper formula for the good training.

For 18 years so far, we are succeeding in this aims through:

  • Organizing and conducting activities – for all ages, like mountain trekking, climbing, orientation, mixed games and trainings for building skills and habits for independent problem solving and teamwork in a natural environment. Classes are conducted by qualified guides, climbers, mountain rescuers, ski/snowboard instructors.
  • Our attractive programs are developed following the idea to enrich the understanding for the Bulgarian mountains. We are doing this by organizing hiking, trekking, adventure camps, expeditions and team trainings.
  • The various excursions in the country are combining historical, cultural and archaeological sites as well as visits to famous and not so famous natural sites.
  • Organizing ski and snowboard trainings – under the brand of our Ski and Snowboard School “Machirski” – one of the biggest ski schools in Bulgraia. Most of our courses are held at Vitosha Mountain – at ski centre Aleko, Vetrovala and Ophelii. Our instructors are highly qualified, with experience in working with beginners and advanced skiers/snowboarders, which defines the ski school as a leading one in terms of methodology, equipment and conditions, not only at Vitosha, but in the whole country.

We are organizing our excursions/programs in unique Bulgarian sites. You should be sure that with our services, you will be really satisfied of your experience in the mountain. Moreover – our trips will help you to disconnect fully from the urban life.


Looking forward to see you!