From the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula, through fields of roses and vines, Bulgaria is a land of contrast, lying on crossroads between continents and civilizations. Come with us on an amazing journey through time!

For over a century the members of our family have been roaming the mountains of the world in search of adventures and freedom. As we still simply cannot stop ourselves discover new amazing places, we are dedicated to bringing the beautiful and unknown Bulgaria to the eyes of the world.

In 1998 our journey began as a small Ski & Snowboard School. Today, 18 years later we are one of the biggest and best known companies in Bulgaria, as well as a licensed Tour Operator and Travel agent. Many things have changed over the years but one thing  will always stay the same – our devotion to the Bulgarian nature and culture.


Our Mission

We are specialized in creating experiences in the great outdoors. Our goal is to show Bulgaria in a different way, off the beaten path, filled with the secrets of our land – ancient cultures, cities, tombs and breathtaking views. Adventure is something we want and always look for. Being out there in the unknown is truly an unforgettable experience. Who knows how many incredible things are waiting for you if you just step outside. The truth is we have already been there. Now we want to take you as well.


Our Programs

Our programs offer a balanced combination of both summer and winter, cultural, ecological and adventurous tourism. From wild camping to 5 star hotels or traditional Bulgarian houses – it’s all part of what we do best.
And for those who are looking for some thrill we could offer our extreme programs with some climbing, rafting, paragliding, horse riding, cycling, even surfing, wind & kite-surfing and sailing.
Your experience is not important – we have something interesting for everyone.


In 2002 we established Club for sport and tourism “Machirski”, which mission is to:

  • involve young people in open-air activities, close to nature and sports, like ski, snowboard and tourism
  • make popular mountain tourism and winter sports
  • encourage socially disadvantaged people by providing them free training
  • train young skiers and snowboarders for competitions


Machirski Sport is proud member of:

  • Bulgarian Association of Travel Agents (BATA)
  • Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT)
  • Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism (BARET)
  • Association “Bulgarian Ski School”
  • Association “Vitosha ski and snowboard schools”


Our success makes us sure that we’ve chosen the right way!

Machirski Sport Ltd.

VAT: BG130964952

1000 Sofia
19 Tsar Shisman Str.

Bank details:
Bank: DSK Bank
IBAN: BG09 STSA 9300 0001 434 073