Ski and snowboard school “Machirski Sport” is a leading Bulgarian company in the mountain tourism and snow sports. The favorable location of our touristic and ski centers and the quality of the offered services, turned us into one of the preferred ski schools in Bulgaria. Our ski and snowboard school manage own ski bases and lifts on ski slopes Ophelii and Vetroval.


Ski slope OPHELII

Ski slope Ophelii – category: green; length-180 m.; width-100 m; denivelation-25 m; average slope gradient-up to 15%

Ski center “Ophelii” is the best place for a beginning training for snow sports in Vitosha mountain. The area is situated at 1550 m  altitude, hidden in the forest area of the mountain, the zone is protected from all strong winds and storms.

Ski slope Ophelii has the following lifts, owned and managed by Machirski Sport:

  • Drag-lift Ophelii – West, type: “plate”: 180 m length
  • 2 carpets “Magic Carpet” – 99 m. and 30 m.

Ski slope VETROVAL

Ski slope Vetroval – category: blue; length-350 m., width-60-100 m., denivelation-70 m.,/average slope gradient up to 20%.

The ski zone is situated at 1510 m altitude and off 2.5 km from “Golden bridges” area. If offers great conditions for beginners and advanced training in snow sports.

Ski slope Vetrovala has the following lifts, owned and managed by Machirski Sport:

  • Drag-lift “Vetrovala”, type: “plate”: 260 m length
  • Children drag-lift: 100 m length



Daily Lift Ticket37 BGN
Daily Lift Ticket Parent & Child68 BGN
Daily Family Lift Ticket (1 parent+2 children or 2 parents+1 child) 95 BGN
Half day lift ticket (after 12:30 pm)25 BGN
Childrens` ski zone ticket25 BGN

Working hours of the lift facilities, owned and managed by “Machirki Sport” Ltd:

  • Monday – Friday: 09:30 am – 03:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 am – 04:00 pm

Working hours of the cash desk:

  • Monday – Friday: 09:30 am – 02:30 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 am – 03:30 pm

How to purchase lift ticket for lift facilities owned and operated by Machirski Sport:

  1. You can purchase lift ticket online by sending an email to with stating where and when you will use it – which ski slope and a date of usage. If you like to rent ski equipment as well, please state this in the same request. You will receive confirmation email with our bank details and/or payment link.  After the payment is successfully done, you will receive an email with the id’s of the lift tickets you have purchased. When you arrive at the ski center Ophelii/Vetroval, please contact our Ski patrol team and you will receive your lift tickets. If you are unable to attend the booked day, you can change it by sending an email to the same address. You will receive new id for your new lift pass. You can change the date only before the booked day starts and you haven’t use the lift facilities yet. The change of the date can be made until March 31, 2024. After this date Machirski Sport can hold 100% of the prepaid amount.
  2. You can purchase lift ticket at the Machirski Sport cash desks of ski center Ophelii and Vetroval. We accept payments in cash and at the ski center Ophelii you can pay with a debit/credit card also. In order to avoid gathering many people at the cash desk, only 3 people will be allowed to enter at once, at 1.5 meters distance. It is mandatory to use face mask and to desinfect your hands.



1.Purchased lift ticket applies for all lifts owned and managed by Machirski Sport Ltd. This includes two drag-lifts at Ophelii and Vetrovala ski slopes; a children drag-lift at Vetrovala and ski lifts “magic carpets” at Ophelii.
2.The lift ticket issued by “Machirski Sport” includes insurance that covers all clients using the operator lifts on marked ski slopes (Ophelii and Vetrovala). The insurance is valid only under the following circumstances:

  • If the client has the lift ticket and the receipt;
  • If an accident occurs on the marked ski slopes at “Ophelii” and “Vetrovala” areas;
  • Only if the accidents have occurred during the regular working hours of the lift facilities;
  • Only if the accidents have occurred on facilities owned by “Machirski Sport” Ltd.

3. The tour operator is not responsible and does not reimburse for purchased lift tickets  when discontinuing use of the facilities due to bad weather conditions, accidents or other force majeure circumstances.
4. The tour operator is not responsible and does not refund money in case of obstruction in conducting training courses in skiing or snowboarding, caused by the discontinued use of lift facilities owned by a tour operator or another operator.
5. Clients are obliged to follow all instructions written on the dashboards at the stations and lifts and given by the Machirski Sport staff.
6. The lifts can be used only from people who possess the required skills.
7. Clients that don’t possess the required skills to use the ski lifts type “drag-lifts”, can use the ski lifts type “magic carpets”.
8. Ski lifts “drag-lifts” are not allowed to be used by 2 people on one drag lift seat.
9. Clients, who with their behavior endanger the safety of the rest of the clients and the proper operation of the lifts, will be refused access to the lift facilities and no reimbursment will be made for the purchased lift tickets.