Machirski Sport operates since 1998 and is a leading company in the field of mountain and adventure tourism in Bulgaria. Our programs are just the balanced point between adventures, ecology, team building, climbing, rope games, ecological and rural tourism.



Give to your child a memorable birthday party in the nature!

Get ready games and adventures like alpine trolley, ropes, rock and sport climbing, trekking and the possibility to prepare a barbecue. The holiday is organized at Ophelii district at Vitosha Mountain, where we have our own mountain base. The activities take around 4-5 hours and are entirely consistent with the physical abilities of children.



Machirski Sport is offering specially designed programs aiming to improve the working atmosphere in various work teams through team trainings.

Those events are aiming team building, building trust between the participants, developing skills for decision making in a state of uncertainty, opportunity for individual expression. Being in an informal surrounding, every team member is given the opportunity to get to know him/her and others, to demonstrate the qualities, which he/she couldn’t show until now in working environment.