1 day
Plovdiv, Starosel


Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, but  interesting enough – one of the oldest cities in the world! The history of the city spans across 8 millennia. From ancient tribal settlements trough mystic Thracian ritual sites to the magnificent Roman architecture and the unique Bulgarian renaissance  style – Plovdiv has it all. An amazing experience of history and culture – a day trip in the city is once in a lifetime experience!

The tour will lead you to the Old Town of Plovdiv, where you will visit the Ancient Theater (2nd century), the Roman Stadium, some of the best preserved houses with beautiful Bulgarian Revival architecture from 19th century and also the Ethnographic Museum, The museum is located in a Renaissance house with the 120 windows where you can enjoy interesting exhibitions of costumes, instruments, furniture.

Starosel on the other hand brings us much further back in time, some 8 thousand years to be exact. Archeological discoveries point to active settlements in these lands some 6 thousand years B.C.

Many discoveries have been made in the region dating to different ages, but without any doubt the most recent and significant one is the Chetinyova Mogila – the largest ever found Thracian Tumulus and underground Mausoleum. It was discovered in the year 2000 by Bulgarian Archeologist Georgi Kitov.

A Thracian Cult Complex was built and today it makes up for a rare glimpse into the life and culture of the ancient Thracians. Around the village of Starosel there have been found 9 Thracian tumulus, all of them containing unique architectural features and frescos.

Experience the world of ancient Thracians and the live in pre-liberated Bulgaria an enriching cultural one day journey back in time.



This is an example program, that can be modified according to your desires.

09:00 am – Pick up from previously arranged location in Sofia
10:30 am – Arrival at the city of Plovdiv. Guided tour.
01:00 pm – Lunch at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant
02:00 pm – Arrival at the city of Starosel. Guided tour of the city.
03:30 pm – Departing from Starosel
05:00 pm – Arrival in Sofia at location of your choice.



You should be well equipped: comfortable walking shoes are recommended, as well as raincoat and long pants. Bring a bottle of water with you as the region is hot and dry during the summer!


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