Ski and snowboard school “Machirski” is a leading Bulgarian company in the area of mountain tourism and snow sports. During the winter, our business is concentrated in ski bases “Ophelii”, “Vetrovala” and “Aleko” in Vitosha mountain, where our ski school is situated.

The favorable location of our touristic and ski centers and the quality of the offered services, turned us into one of the preferred ski schools in Bulgaria. Our ski and snowboard school manage own ski bases and lifts.



Ski center “Ophelii” is the best place for a beginning training for snow sports in Vitosha mountain. The area is situated at 1550 m  altitude, hidden in the forest area of the mountain, the zone is protected from all strong winds and storms.

The green slope has two lifts and one baby lift, two children zones and the only one in Bulgaria children fun park! Those great conditions and our organization guarantee a fun, diverse and mostly effective training process.

Ski slope Ophelii has the following lifts, owned and managed by Machirski Sport:

  • Lift – rope tow Ophelii – South, type: “plate”: 140 m length
  • Lift – rope tow Ophelii – West, type: “plate”: 180 m length
  • Lift – children portable rope tow, type: “string”: 60 m length



The ski zone is situated at 1510 m altitude and off 2.5 km from “Golden bridges” area.

Our equipment rental office and premises are situated very close to the training area. The slope offers excellent conditions for beginners training and improvement of the skills. The length of the slope is 450 m, the width is between 30 and 90 m and the displacement is 70 m. The zone is serviced by 2 lifts, one of them is owned and managed by “Machirski Sport” and also one children lift.

Ski slope Vetrovala has the following lifts, owned and managed by Machirski Sport:

  • Lift – rope tow “Vetrovala”, type: “plate”: 260 m length
  • Lift –   children portable tow, type “string”: 60 m length



For more motivated and eager to learn and improve skill adults and children, we offer focused training process on ski slope “Aleko”.

The zone is situated at 1820 m altitude and offers different options for training on slopes with different difficulty. The ski school base is situated at the area of the hut “Aleko”, close to lower station of lift “Zaeka”.

Lift passes prices

Lift type For all ages
Lift – rope tow, type: “plate” – full day 16.00 BGN
Lift – rope tow, type: “plate” – half day 12.00 BGN
Lift – children portable rope tow, type: “string” 5.00 BGN


Working hours of the lifts, owned and managed by “Machirki Sport” Ltd:

  • Monday – Friday: 09:30 am – 03:00 pm; lunch break: 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm.
  • Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 am – 04:00 pm.; without lunch break.

Terms and conditions for usage of the lift passes for lifts owned and managed by Machirski Sport Ltd.


  1. Purchased lift pass for the facilities owned by “Machirski Sport” Ltd. (Vetrovala, Ophelii – East, Ophelii – West) applies to all three facilities.
  2. Lift passes can be purchased only at the pay offices at ski centers “Ophelii” and “Vetrovala”.
  3. The half day lift pass for the lifts of “Machirski Sport” is available before and after 12:00 pm.
  4. The lift pass issued by “Machirski Sport” includes insurance that covers all clients using the operator lifts on marked ski slopes. The insurance is valid only under the following circumstances:
  • If the client has the lift pass and the receipt;
  • If an accident occurs on the marked ski slopes at “Ophelii” and “Vetrovala” areas;
  • The insurance applies to accidents that have occurred only during the regular working hours of the lift facilities;
  • The insurance applies only for accidents occurred on facilities owned by “Machirski Sport” Ltd.
  1. The tour operator is not responsible and does not reimburse for purchased lift passes when discontinuing use of the facilities due to bad weather conditions, accidents or other force majeure. In the event of discontinuing operations of facilities owned by ” Machirski Sport ” Ltd. ( Vetrovala, Ophelii (East – West)) due to bad weather conditions, accidents or other force majeure occurring within 30 minutes of the purchase of the lift pass (which have to be evidenced by a receipt), the money is refunded.
  2. 6. The tour operator is not responsible and does not refund money in case of obstruction in conducting training courses in skiing or snowboarding, caused by the discontinued use of lift equipment owned by a tour operator or another operator.
  3. We take into consideration all reclamations about the lift passes send by email at or at the office of Machirski Sport. They should be send latest within 24 hours after the expiry date of the lift pass.
  4. Clients are obliged to follow all instructions written on the dashboards at the stations and by the staff.
  5. The lifts can be used only from people who possess the required skills.
  6. Clients who with their behavior danger the safety of the rest of the clients and normal operation of the lifts, will be refused access to the lift facilities.