When people talk about Bulgaria the Seven Rila Lakes almost always come up first. They are considered a national symbol and to no surprise are included in the list of the 100 Natural Sights of Bulgaria. The lakes are situated on along a path which elevation rises gradually with every lake – starting at 2095m and bringing you to 2535m. The Seven Lakes were formed during the last Ice Age and once the glaciers melted the naturally lower places formed these cirque lakes. All seven of them have been given names according to their remarkable shapes such as – the Kidney, the Eye, the Teardrop…etc. The beautiful and pristine waters are freezing cold year around, but during the hot summer days they can provide for a refreshing 60 second swim. The location is considered one of the most “spiritually charged” places on the planet and during the month of August it is here where the White Brotherhood of Petar Danov climbs up to celebrate the summer solstice and perform their hypnotic dances – Panevritmia.

For what is certain – the Seven Rila Lakes are an amazing hike, that will leave you charged, if not with spiritual energy then for sure with breathtaking views and memories.