Millions of years ago, or 230 million to be exact, when the lands where today lays the town of Belogradchik were under the sea, sediments slowly piled on the bottom forming the amazing natural rock phenomenon, without analog in the world, that we now call the Rocks of Belogradchik. Due to the naturally very difficult approach into the formation, between the Ist and IIIrd century the Roman Empire chose this location for building a fortress, which still stands to this day – the “Kaleto” Fortress. A national cultural heritage and one of the 100th National Touristic Sights, it is a place rich in history and the natural beauty of the wonder of this rock phenomenon.

About 26km from Belogradchik lays the Cave of Magura. It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, with 12 large halls and multiple smaller ones. Discoveries made inside the cave are ranging from the remains of prehistoric mammals to Neolithic frescos and cave paintings. Over 2000 bats are spending the winter inside the cave as well as few animal species included in the IUCN Red List of endangered animals