Situated some 16 km from the town of Vratsa, the cave is located on the territory of Vrachanski Balkan Natural Park. The name – “Ledenika” comes from the icy stalagmites that form in the entrance hall during the winter time. The cave was known to the locals since the times of the Ottoman Empire when mainly shepherds used it all year around to preserve the milk longer, because of the low temperatures inside.

Since 1961 the cave has been facilitated for tourists and today it is listed under N16 in the 100 National Tourist Sights in Bulgaria. What is special about the cave, besides the natural formations that occur throughout in the entire place, there is a hall, with such amazing acoustical qualities that it has been called “The Concert Hall”, and often live orchestras perform inside.

About a 100 km from Ledenika another very interesting cave can be found under the name of Saeva Dupka, or Seyova Dupka. It bears the name of the two brothers – Seu and Sau, that accidently discovered the cave during the 19th century. In the early 1880’s Prof. Zlatarski took on the first documented scientific explorations of the cave that kept going until the late 1960’s. Today we know that the age of Saeva Dupka is around 3 million years and together with the Yagodinska Cave it is considered as one of the two most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. A giant 60m in diameter stalactite is one of the main attractions as well as the unique variety of colors found inside the cave.

An exciting journey into the underground world of Bulgarian caves this tour is excellent choice for all speleology enthusiasts!