On the border between Old Mountain and The Great Danube plane flow one of the most beautiful cascade waterfall formation in Bulgaria. Declared a protected natural sight in 1995 these waterfalls are the largest natural travertine cascade in the country. The location has a specific flora and fauna with several rare and endangered species from the Bulgarian Red Book. An eco-trail was built to contain and facilitate the tourist flow and you could easily spend hours gazing at the calming azure waters and lush green forests. Numerous stairs and bridges lead to different viewing platforms from where you can observe the entire cascade, the biggest of which is some 15m – called “Pruskaloto”. At the very end of the trail, in a small cave one can find the spring of the Maarata river- the very river that brings the falls to life. The combined beauty of the waterfalls and the forest make for a unique sensation and effect on the mind which is probably why in XIV century the place was often visited by monks.
Just a few kilometers from there lay the magnificent Devetashka Cave. Discovered in 1921 it is to this day one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria with an area of 20 400 square meters. Some key features are the giant holes on the sealing of the first great hall that make up for an amazing ambiance as well as the “Altar” hall where some of the oldest Neolithic discoveries were made. Also the fauna of the cave includes rare species, some of which are included the IUCN Red List of endangered animals.
This trip is a great day trip retreat into the nature, which will fulfill you with calmness and serenity.