The historical town of Koprivshtica, among the 100 National Tourist Sights in Bulgaria, is the only Architectural Historical Reserve in the country, which never closes doors during the entire year. The town offers an authentic experience of the 18th and 19th century with its very well preserved buildings, roads and crafts from that epoch. Almost every house is a museum, as they used to be the living quarters of great Bulgarian revolutionaries and poets. It is here when on the 20th of April 1876 the gunshot that started the famous April Uprising, one of the main reasons that led to the Russian – Turkish liberation war, was fired.

Starosel on the other hand brings us much further back in time, some 8 thousand years to be exact. Archeological discoveries point to active settlements there some 6 thousand years B.C. Many other discoveries have been made in the region dating to different ages, but without any doubt the most recent and significant one is the Chetinyova Mogila – the largest ever found Thracian Tumulus and underground Mausoleum which was found in the year 2000 by Bulgarian Archeologist Georgi Kitov. The Thracian Cult Complex was built and today it offers a chance for a glimpse into the life and culture of the ancient Thracians. Around the village of Starosel there have been found 9 Thracian tumulus, all of them containing unique architectural features and frescos.

Experience the world of ancient Thracians and the live in pre-liberated Bulgaria an enriching cultural one day journey back in time.