With backpack, map and compass

for the smallest adventurers

In the summer of 2019, together with our partners from PlayHouse, we started a program aimed at children ages 5-8, which we called “With map, backpack and compass”. This program is a full-day summer adventure camp that promotes spending time in nature. It is packed with outdoor activities such as hikes, sport climbing, rope challenges, team games, wildlife lectures, mountaineering workshops, and many other exciting things! 

Each week is dedicated to a different theme, carefully chosen to spark the children’s interest in important subjects from the surrounding life. Guided by the conviction, that the key to overall health is the active way of life and after the great results and feedback from last year, we are on track to realize “With map, backpack, and compass” once again!


What will be different regarding the ongoing Covid19  pandemic situation?

All of the activities will take place under strict sanitary measures. The benefits of being outdoors in the current state are unquestionable. Open spaces gives us the ability to easily implement the physical proximity restrictions between the participants and thus minimize the risk of spreading disease. Playing outside allows for social distancing to happen more naturally, which is extremely important in the case of the smallest children. Therefore we believe that playing outside is the key to our and our children’s health!

We all know how much kids love to play, and summertime is the best time to go outside and breathe in some fresh air! That’s why, together with PlayHouse we are giving you a fun, five-day adventure, which every kid dreams about!



Machirski Sport Ltd is a leading tour operator in mountain tourism and winter sports. For years we have been actively working for developing and popularizing the joy of mountain tourism and winter sports among the children of Sofia and their parents.

While we are always aiming for providing the best and safest experience possible, any activity in the real mountains holds a risk of injury. In our activities, we follow the main principles of: keeping the safety and health of all participants; maximum prevеntion of the risk of physical or psychological trauma; following the mountain safety rules, and prevention of extreme situations!





08:30 – 09:00 am. – Gathering at kids’ club “PlayHouse” – https://www.playhouse.bg/namerete/.

09:00 am. – Departure from “PlayHouse” towards Vitosha

10:00 am – 12:00 pm – Outdoor activities and games* – each day a different diverse program 

12:00 – 12:30 pm – Planned time for lunch in the area of our base “Ophelii”

12:30 – 13:30 pm“Time for me” – planned time for rest, book-reading, story-telling, quiet games

13:30 – 15:30 pm – Outdoor activities and games* – each day a different diverse program

15:45 pm – Afternoon snack. Departure towards Sofia

16:30 – 17:00 pm – Arrival at kids’ club “PlayHouse”

17:00 – 18:00 pm – Activities according to interest (art, role games, drawing, cooking and more)

18:00 – 18:30 pm – Free zone for games and children pick-ups.

*The hourly program could vary depending on weather conditions and other factors.

**Outdoor activities and games: educational hikes in the area of “Ophelii” – lectures, combined with games; artistic and/or scientific workshops and/or excursion to a near-by destination; sport climbing; rope challenges, alpine trolley, slackline, combined games. 


What is included in the program “With a backpack, map and a compass”?

The program is a combination of:

  • hikes, appropriate for the children’s capabilities;
  • outdoor and indoor games at the kids’ club “PlayHouse”;
  • mountaineering activities;
  • sport climbing;
  • diverse art and science workshops/ excursions to interesting near-by destinations;

Each week the theme will be different, and the activities throughout will be devoted to the specific theme.  From this year, we are happy to include a special “Time for me” – 60 minutes, during which each child could dive in his or her favourite hobby – reading a book, listening to music, storytelling and other quiet games and activities. 

The children will also have a “Week’s Project”, which they would have to work on and develop during the week, and present it on Friday. Twice a week, there will be organized workshops devoted to the week’s theme and/or an excursion to a nearby destination. The specific program for each week will be announced up to 5 days before the starting date, while the organizers retain their right to make changes due to unfavourable weather conditions.


Program for  15-19.06.2020 – Theme: “Land before time”

08:30 – 09:00 Gathering and departureGathering and departureGathering and departureGathering and departureGathering and departure
10:00 - 12:00 Workshop and with our partner “Space Challenges”. GamesOutdoor activities - sport climbing, rope bridges and archeryOutdoor activities – alpine trolley and sport climbing Outdoor activities – sport climbing, rope bridgesWorkshop and with our partners “Kids Science Class”. Games
12:00 - 13:30Lunch and “Time for me”Lunch and “Time for me”Lunch and “Time for me”Lunch and “Time for me”Lunch and “Time for me”
13:30 - 15:30 Hike on the route: “Tihia Kut” – “The Dendrarium” Hike on the route: Hut “Beli Brezi” – Golden Bridges Hike on the route: Golden Bridges – “Ophelii”Hike on route: “Ophelii”- hut “Trendafila”Hike on the route: Edelvais – “Ophelii”
15:45 Afternoon snack. Departure towards SofiaAfternoon snack. Departure towards SofiaAfternoon snack. Departure towards SofiaAfternoon snack. Departure towards SofiaAfternoon snack. Departure towards Sofia
16:30 – 17:00 Arrival at kids’ club “PalyHouse”Arrival at kids’ club “PalyHouse”Arrival at kids’ club “PalyHouse”Arrival at kids’ club “PalyHouse”Arrival at kids’ club “PalyHouse”
17:00 - 18:00 Activities according to interestsArts&CraftsActivities according to interestsArts&CraftsActivities according to interests
18:00 - 18:30
Free zone for games and children pick-upsFree zone for games and children pick-upsFree zone for games and children pick-upsFree zone for games and children pick-upsFree zone for games and children pick-ups

Please note that this is a sample program and some of the activites might take place in a different order if  the Machirski Sport representitives consider it to be a better course of action!

June 2020 Program

Weekly themeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Fixed weekly activities at Vitosha, performed by "Machirski sport"Hike and sport climbingHike, sport climbing, rope bridges, archeryHike, alpine trolley and sport climbingHike, sport climbing, rope bridgesHike, rope bridges, archery, sport climbing

Fixed weekly activities at the kids’ club “PlayHouse”
Activities according to interests. Free games and children pick-upsArts&Crafts
Free games and children pick-ups
Free games and children pick-ups
Free games and children pick-ups
Activities according to interests. Free games and children pick-ups
The Earth before Time
Week project, which the kids have to work on Workshop and games with our partner “Space Challenges”Hikes, outdoor activities Hikes, outdoor activities Presentation of the week’s projectWorkshop and games with our partners “Kids Science Class” – “The Dinosaurs “
Климат и води
The water cycle and introduction of the week’s projectKayakingExperiments with waterPresentation of the week’s projectPresentation of the week’s project
Workshop and games with our partners “Kids Science Class” – “Cloud formation”
29.06 -03.07
Скали, минерали, пещери
Types of rock formations – the introduction of the week’s projectEducational lecture combined with gamesGame with caves and rock formationsWorkshop with our partners “Nutty Scientist” – cave and rock formationQuiz and presentation of the week’s project

Price for 5 days: 290.00 lv

Discount for a second child from the same family: 5%

Discount for a second and every additional week: 5%

*The discounts cannot be combined

**The prices are valid for groups of minimum 10 children for the days from Monday to Friday.

The price includes:

  • Day-long care and activities at the kids’ club “PlayHouse”
  • Transportation from and to Sofia
  • Insurance
  • Activities from  the program of Machirski sport 
  • Art workshops / scientific workshops and/or excursions – twice a week
  • Mountain guides/ animators
  • Accommodation base for the children with its private bathroom at Vitosha
  • All necessary materials and equipment for the artistic and scientific workshops, group projects and other activities.
  • Child-care after 18:30 pm are available only with a request from the previous day and are additionally paid according to “PlayHouse” price list.

The price does NOT include: lunch

Catering: 35 lv/ per week

Includes: warm lunch (soup, main course, fruit) and afternoon snack from a licensed children’s kitchen. There is an option to choose between vegetarian or meat menu.

The catering is paid beforehand for the whole week. There are no refunds for missed meals. 


  • The groups could be of a maximum of 15 children
  • The registration is only possible for 5 days from Monday to Friday
  • For a group to be formed, there have to be at least 10 children
  • The food for the children is either provided from the offered week’s menu, provided by licenced children’s kitchen and requested by the parents, or the food is provided by the parents themselves. 
  • The children must have eaten breakfast before drop-off. In case they have not, the parents must provide a packed breakfast in the child’s backpack. 
  • The children must have a water bottle, individual wet wipes and handkerchiefs, hand disinfectant, as well as at least 2 face masks, in case the child was instructed to carry one by their doctor. During the time at “PlayHouse”, it is necessary to provide slippers and/or other appropriate shoes for indoors.
  • Children with flu symptoms, elevated temperature, cough, throat pain will not be allowed.
  • The organizers retain their right to refuse access or cancel the participation in the program of children, whose behaviour is a danger to himself and/or the safety of the other children. Once the decision is taken it is final and there will be no refunds or compensations. 


  • Registring for the program can be made only  in advance by sending an email to: office@playhouse.bg or reservations@machirski-sport.com. If you have any additional queastions you can reach us at the following numbers: 0885 04 22 44; 0886 05 00 66; 02/981 57 12.
  • After confirmation by the organizers, you will receive a contract, which you need fill, sign, scan and return by e-mail.
  • You can get acquainted with the Privacy Policy of “Machirski Sport” Ltd and “PlayHouse“, which can be found at: https://www.machirski-sport.com/about-us/ and https://www.playhouse.bg/politika-poveritelnost/
  • It is OBLIGATORY to get acquainted with the COVID 19 containment measures and the safety briefing.
  • Payment can be effected via:
      • Bank card, after receiving a payment request sent directly to your mobile phone or e-mail.
      • Bank transfer to the following bank account: DSK BANK  IBAN: BG09STSA93000001434073 BIC: STSABGSF

    *As reason for payment you should write down the child/children’s name and surname as well as “Summer adventure school”

    • THE CUSTOMER can cancell the service up to 5 working days before the start date without having to pay any penalties.
    • THE CUSTOMER may designate another person to use his rights for the tourist service, no less than 48 hours before the start date, if this person meets the specific requirements of the service. Otherwise, THE ORGANIZERS have the right to  change the price of the service individually depending on the possibility of this change.
    • In case of cancellation within less than 5 working days before the start date of the program, 70% of the amount will be refunded.
    • In case of cancellation of the service after the start date, regardless of the reason, the money is not refunded. An exception is made only if:registration and payment are made not earlier than 10 days before the start date and the cancellation of the service is for medical reasons, which is certified by an outpatient list / document, proving an examination by a personal physician. In this case, a proportional amount is reimbursed for the days missed.
    • THE CUSTOMER can postpone or change any of the planned programs up to 24 hours before the start date by sending an email to: office@machirski-sport.com. Any changes made within less than 24 hours, regardless of the reason, are not accepted and the day will be counted as missed without a possibility for reclaiming it at other time.
    • THE CUSTOMER can use his cancelled or rescheduled day/days within 2 weeks from the end date of the service. In case of delay for more than two weeks, the day/days will be lost and will not be refunded.  The refunding of postponed day/days is coordinated with THE ORGANIZERS.


Rules of  Machirski Sport

  • Each participant must have a personal disinfectant and wet wipes
  • When boarding the organized transport, the participants’ hands are disinfected, each participant uses a mask
  • After arriving on the territory of Ophelia base, the team of Machirski Sport instructs the participants about  the anti-epidemic measures
  • After entering the bases, participants must clean their hands with a disinfectant provided on the front door
  • In the room, participants must keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from each other, allowing 1 person per  4 square meters
  • Before and after exercises during which general equipment is used, a disinfectant must be used, if possible wash hands under running soapy water
  • Direct physical contact between Machirski Sport employees and participants is avoided. When it is unavoidable, a disinfectant should be used afterwards
  • Maximum hygiene is ensured through strict procedures for regular cleaning and disinfection, at least 2 times a day, incl. on all contact surfaces that may be touched by the employees and participants
  • The employees are instructed to observe the symptoms of the participants and how to deal with them
  • Information boards are placed in a visible place, which inform the participants how to keep physical distance and hand hygiene
  • Natural ventilation is used as long as temperatures allow
  • Participants should know the hygiene measures and conditions
  • Participants with symptoms such as colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough and fever are not allowed to exercise
  • Participants throw their own rubbish or waste in the bins
  • These written instructions are placed in visible places in the sport complex  and on the website of “Machirski Sport”
  • Sneezing or coughing should be in the elbow, not in the flat of the hand.  If they are in a napkin, you should throw it away immediately in a safe place. The surrounding area is immediately cleaned.



  1. If there is  one or more symptoms (cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, gastrointestinal complaints, fever, etc.):
  2. Initial behavior
  • The child should be isolated immediately in a special room until the child returns home or is treated by a medical professional. The child is given a mask according to his age.
  • Contact immediately the parents/guardians and request the child to be taken, considering the necessary preventive measures.
  • Parents/guardians should be reminded of the procedures to follow – avoid physical contact and consult with the family doctor to decide if a test is necessary.
  • After the child leaves the room, disinfection should be made a few hours later.
  • Everyone strictly keeps  preventive and restrictive measures.
  • The child returns to activities with a medical note from the family doctor proving that this readmission is possible.
  1. In case of a positive child test
  • Inform the teams of Playhouse and “Machirski sport” and immediately contact the Regional Health Inspectorate (RHI).
  • Measures are being taken to identify the contact persons.
  • Carefully  clean and disinfect the rooms  and objects to which the child has been in contact in the last 48 hours.
  • Inform the child’s contact persons about the steps they need to take.
  1. If there are one or more symptoms in an adult (cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, gastrointestinal complaints, fever, etc.):
  2. Initial behavior
  • Isolate the person immediately and give him a mask if returning home is not possible at the same time. Observe restrictive measures.
  • Avoid physical contact with others and consult the doctor, who will decide if a test is needed.
  • After the person leaves the room, carry out a careful disinfection a few hours later.
  • Strictly keep preventive and restrictive measures.
  1. In case of a positive test
  • Inform the director, who must immediately contact the relevant RHI.
  • The risk of spreading the infection in the family can be assessed and, depending on this, the most adequate isolation measures can be taken in the specific case.
  • Take measures to identify the contact persons.
  • Inform the  contact persons about  the steps they will need to take.
  • Carefully clean and disinfect the rooms and objects to which the person has been in contact in the last 48 hours.