for little and and not that little adventurers

May – September 2016


Adventures in the mountain paradise

When the school year is finished, it is time for adventures!

This summer again, we will organize our summer school. As usual, the program is filled with mountain freshness and lake coolness. You can sense a little extreme feeling of kayaking, horse riding, climbing and many more activities. Of course, we have included the traditional cultural and nature attractions. To provide our service in the best way and to serve your needs, the duration of the summer school is every working day from 08:30 am till 05:30 pm.

Our summer school is ready to enroll!

The program includes the following activities:

  • Easy mountain trekking, aiming to explore the routes in Vitosha Nature Park
  • Sport and rock climbing; tree climbing
  • Alpine means for overcoming obstacles
  • Challenges with ropes
  • Mixed games (logical, competitions, relay, team-building, fun, etc.)
  • Educational talks for the dangers of the mountain, first aid tips, guides for building a camp, wild life survival
  • Orientation
  • Kayaking
  • Art classes
  • Sailing
  • Horse riding
  • Trips to natural and cultural-historical sights


  • One day – 30 BGN
  • Five days – 145 BGN


  • For second child from the same family – 10 % off;
  • For second full week of participation – 5 % off;
  • Subscription price for the whole month – 500 BGN
  • Early booking (three weeks in advance) – 135 BGN for the whole week

***Every week the program of the summer school will be different***

PRICE INCLUDES: transportation, mountain guide/instructor, mountain insurance, activities pointed in the program of “Machirski Sport”, equipment.


  • Meals (package) – 5 BGN per child per day – optional – under client request, if a group is formed.
  • Sport activities and trips: kayaking, horse riding, art classes, sailing; excursions to Prohodna Cave, Bosnek village, Dragomansko plane, etc. – during the weekly program only one excursion and sport activity will be provided, as the additional payment won’t be more than 30 BGN


  • Equipment needed – backpack, jacket, walking shoes/sneakers, hat, sunglasses, waterproof jacket or raincoat, flashlight. The children should bring their own lunch and a small bottle of water.
  • Children – in good health, wearing appropriate for the season and the mountain clothes.

Departure: 08:15 am – National Stadium “Vasil Levski”

Arrival05:30 pm – National Stadium “Vasil Levski”

Clients, living closer to the route of the organized transport, can get on the bus on some of the following stops:

  • 08:30 am – SHELL Stop – the bus stop after gas station Shell on Bulgaria boulevard
  • 08:32 am – GOTSE DELCHEV Stop – the bus stop after the crossroad of Bulgaria boulevard and Gotse Delchev blvd.
  • 08:35 am – BILLA Stop – the bus stop after the crossroad of Bulgaria blvd. and Todor Kableshkov Str.
  • 08:45 am – BOYANA Stop – the bus stop after the crossroad of the Panoramic and Belovodski road in Boyana district


  • For children, who cannot attend the course, due to health issues or other reasons, announcing this 5 days before the starting date, are reimbursed with full amount of their tax. Cancellation in a shorter period before the starting date is reimbursed with 70% of the amount.
  • For cancelling the whole course, after the starting date, 50% of the tax is deducted.
  • For child, who is absent of three or more courses, after the starting date, 50% of the tax are reimbursed.
  • After visiting three times the course, money are not reimbursed.
  • For paying for only one or two-day course and not attending the course, 50% of the amount is reimbursed.

Conditions of enrollment:

Enrolling in the course could be done at the office of “Machirski Sport” or via e-mail, within 2 working days, before the starting date. Enrolling is done by signing a contract and paying the full amount in cash or by bank transfer. When signing up for the course via e-mail, you should specify the period and the needed information for the child (full name and DOB), phone number. After  you will receive either our confirmation (when it is available) with contract to sign, bank account or our denial.

Enrollment and payment you can do whether:

  • Cash, at the office of “Machirski Sport” – address: 19 Tsar Shishman Str., ground floor
  • Via bank transfer, after confirmation of your request (sent to an e-mail and sent data for invoice issue (full name and DOB).
  • Bank details: Machirski Sport Ltd. DSK Bank, IBAN BG32 STSA93 0000 2147 6478, BIC STSABGSF.

For transfers, sent on Friday, after 12 pm, the client should sent scanned transfer document via e-mail. Deadline for signing up – every Friday until 12 pm, deadline for the payment – by the end of the working day.

Machirski Sport is a leading tour operator in the field of mountain tourism and winter sports. Since many years, we are devoted on promotion and development of the mountain tourism and winter sports among youngsters, as well as their parents too.


All activities in the mountain could be risky. The main principles which we are guided by are: maintaining good health of the students, prevention of physical or psychological trauma, compliance with the safety rules in the mountain and strictly avoiding extreme situations!

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